The drought has been a very difficult time for many living in country areas throughout Australia. These communities do not even have to be ‘way out west’ or the outback. We live just 1 hour west of Brisbane and the effects of drought and fires are known here. Towns nearby to farms are also badly affected and city folk are also feeling the effects when we have these windy, smoky days. We so badly need rain. No matter what the cause of drought, we just need to get together and support each other through the pain and hard times. Country folk are known to be resilient, but sometimes that is just a facade to hide our true feelings. How else do you deal with something you cannot change and have no control over?

There is all the talk about reducing carbon emissions, plant more trees, reducing waste. These ideas and actions are great and I also believe we must do our bit for the environment. Believe me, farmers do. We are very protective of our environment – after all, we need it to be in the best condition possible to grow the best crops to give us the best income! This talk needs to be sensible though. We need to take out the emotion and allow sensible discussions without ‘policitics’ getting in the way. Who wouldn’t love to see all sides getting together to give the best outcome for our country.

In the meantime, we put our best foot forward and get on with it. Tim (the farmer in our family) spends his days tidying up the shed or doing a bit of creative art work with some old machinery. He also helps me in the accommodation side of the business and is a great handyman / MrFixit /cleaner and spends many hours buying and carting loads of water to keep some fruit trees and special garden plants alive. Long gone are our cattle. We just wait for the conditions to change so the grass will grow and we can start a herd again.

We so much look forward to the day when the rains will come and we can make a decision as to what to plant and have beautiful green pastures and crops to look out over again as well as our beautiful lake vista. We also look forward to doing farm tours once more and getting back to normal.

In the meantime, we encourage you to choose to help our regional areas by staying in the country. Our visitors have been shocked to see what the drought really looks like for the country and by staying, you can see first hand what it is like as well. There is still water available for guests – you may have to be water-wise (which everyone should be anyway). Don’t have long showers or deep baths, but there is still plenty to see and do and our small towns would appreciate the tourists coming for a cup of coffee, a meal or your Christmas/gift shopping.

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