Not long ago I had the pleasure of hosting The Great South East team at Stockton Rise Country Retreat to do a segment for a lead up story to the Royal National Show (or the EKKA). They were wanting to showcase local produce and cook premium beef somewhere in the Lockyer Valley and our place was chosen to stage the cooking as well as showing them our local area and doing a small farm tour to pick fresh vegetables straight from the farm. The Executive Chef from the Ekka was also being interviewed and was also set to work to do all the cooking. We had the honour of being invited guests for lunch – an offer to found hard to refuse!

Not only did they use our BBQ and house for the cooking but they took some footage of Stockton Rise to use in the story as well. We felt very privileged to have this footage taken and have exposure to the Great South East through the television show.

Here I share some of the highlights of the day with the behind-the-scenes work of this great TV production company. I hope you enjoy them. (The finished story can be seen on the opening page of our website.)

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