Australiana at Stockton Rise Country Retreat

January 2014

When we bought the farm across the road from us (now Stockton Rise), we didn’t appreciate all the history that came with it. It was a big job to sort and remove all that wasn’t needed from the house. The family had lived here for all their lives (3 generations) and had never thrown anything out. We saved some of the items from the house; not knowing what to do with them.

The outside was as bad and I had talked to an Australiana shop who was prepared to come and have a look to see what they could sell. Once we had built and started to develop what is now Stockton Rise, we have realised we have some special items here. We now want to share these with our visitors. Tim had put the old farm implements to the side however, they eventually became a bit overgrown as the grass kept growing.
We have persevered to get this cleaned up and I now love the treasures we have realised we have.

Old Australiana at Stockton Rise Country Retreat